Chroma Radio

Chromaradio is a people-oriented music platform. We don’t sell CD’s. We choose the best music every genre has to offer, we process the audio through AECP® for audio excellency and we provide it to our listeners for free in 128mp3/48aac+ audio stream . In the near future will provide 256mp3/24aac+ audio stream stay tuned.

With 150.000 unique listeners from 187 different countries, artists reach audiences like never before. We will provide a brief playlist history of 5 last songs with artist/title data for every channel, giving listeners the opportunity to track down their favorite artist or find out new ones. The artist benefits too by this prolonged appearance in the listener playlist. And all that for free.

We are particularly interested in promoting new artists and they are more than welcome to send us their music and we will make sure it will reach our listeners, offering new artists more recognition for free.

Chromaradio loves music and so do our listeners. In the last 9 years we have gained the loyalty of a considerable number of listeners and artists that enjoy being with us. We enjoy being here giving listeners what we believe is the best music out there with our personal perpective. If you want to support this effort please Donate what ever you think is appropriate so we can continue to provide you this free service.

Chromaradio, Music Is The Color Of Life, Join Us!!!